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2017 May 10 - 16
2017 Apr 26 - May 09
2017 Apr 19 - 25

Okinawans’ solidarity 45 years after reversion to Japan, the power to stop new base construction

For 27 years since the end of WWII, Okinawans under U.S. military rule had hoped to lay claim to the fundamental human rights as guaranteed in the postwar Constitution as well as to reclaim a peaceful Okinawa without military bases.

New action against ‘anti-conspiracy bill’ starts outside Diet

A new daily action in opposition to an “anti-conspiracy bill” started outside the Diet building. Demonstrators in the 1st day rally argued that the bill would allow Japan to move toward becoming a surveillance society leading to democratic breakdown.

Ex-high school teacher reveals reality of Koreans’ wartime forced labor in Fukushima

During World War II, many Koreans were transported to Japan as forced laborers at coal mines and construction sites. An ex-high school teacher in Fukushima has recently revealed the facts concerning the wartime slave labor in Fukushima’s Iwaki City.

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Passersby in line to sign petition opposing cutbacks in public assistance

Passersby in Sapporo City's main street are standing in line to sign a petition opposing the govern...
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