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2018 Nov 28 - Dec 04
2018 Nov 21 - 27
2018 Nov 14 - 20

Japanese high-ranking diplomat advocated ‘nuclear sharing’ between US forces and SDF

Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Councilors Inoue Satoshi revealed this fact and said that it is unforgivable for Japanese diplomats to say a word in violation of the nation’s Three Nonnuclear Principles.

Summoning of Sagawa is just first step: JCP Kokuta

Amid increasing public anger against the falsification of the official records, the ruling bloc has finally accepted the opposition parties’ demand to summon former Finance Ministry bureaucrat Sagawa to the Diet.

State interference in school education and Nippon Kaigi

Two Liberal Democratic Party Dietmembers who are members of the parliamentary league for the ultra-rightist Nippon Kaigi directly pressured the Education Ministry into censoring a school lecture.

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Opposition parties comfirm fielding united candidates in 2019 Upper House election

Six opposition parties confirmed that they will field united candidates in all the 32 single-seat c...
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