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2019 Mar 06 - 12
2019 Feb 27 - Mar 05
2019 Feb 20 - 26

Shii comments on S. Korean parliament chair’s remark calling for Emperor’s apology to comfort women victims

While stressing the need for PM Abe to express a face-to-face apology to the comfort women victims, JCP Chair Shii said, “However, the postwar Constitution states that the Emperor ‘shall not have power related to government’."


Don’t weaken Juvenile Act’s role of nipping crimes in bud

Many delinquent minors have problems in their family life. In order to help these boys and girls turn over a new leaf, personalized measures based on a welfare- and education-oriented approach is essential.

Depending on workers' struggle, AI can become tool to shorten working hours

A labor thinktank advisor: If workers remain ignorant of the dangers of AI, they will be thrown into a storm of "streamlining by AI", but depending on their struggle, it is possible for them to make AI a tool to shorten working hours even under capitalism.

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Seeking to block sales tax hike to 10%, tax protest held throughout Japan

With the March 15 tax return deadline approaching, nearly 100,000 small business owners,workers, an...
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