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List of Past issues

 JCP establishes relations with Bolivia’s MAS (September 7, 2007)
 JCP delegation meets with MAS members of Bolivia’s National Congress (September 7, 2007)
 Three parties jointly request Upper House president to allow sufficient question time (September 6, 2007)
 Maritime SDF’s refueling operations may have supported U.S.-led forces’ attack on Somalia (September 6, 2007)
 Over 1,000 claims for work-related accident compensation pending every year (September 6, 2007)
 Four opposition parties agree to cooperate in the Diet (September 5, 2007)
 Defense Minister corrected political funds report after taking office (September 5, 2007)
 LDP Upper House member steps down over violation of election law (September 5, 2007)
 Rally held against Japan-U.S. joint air exercises in Kyushu (September 5, 2007)
 Ogata in Brazil speaks with foreign guests attending PT congress (September 4 & 5, 2007)
 Endo resigns as agriculture minister (September 4, 2007)
 Agriculture minister’s resignation illustrates collapse of Abe’s scheme to enlist public support with cabinet reshuffle (September 4, 2007)
 Hearing starts in lawsuit over dredging in preparation for U.S. nuclear-powered warship deployment (September 4, 2007)
 Agriculture Minister to step down over money scandal (September 3, 2007)
 Rally held against U.S. Marine Corps live ammunition exercises in Hokkaido (September 3, 2007)
 Government bullies municipalities for not charging for children’s medical costs (September 3, 2007)
 Ogata in PT Congress exchanges greetings with President Lula (September 3, 2007)
 Defense Ministry requests budget to increase SDF’s overseas combat capabilities (September 1, 2008)
 Ogata in Brazil attends PT-hosted seminar on leftist governments in Latin America (September 1, 2007)
 Abe still seeks constitutional revision to be initiated in 2010 (August 31, 2007)
 Don’t allow U.S. forces to join in Tokyo’s disaster drill: JCP (August 31, 2007)
 LDP subcommittee proposes abolishing current A-bomb disease certification criteria (August 31, 2007)
 Kokuta and Kasai meet with German parliament vice president (August 31, 2007)
 Political ethics council head filed falsified funds report (August 30, 2007)
 Defense Minister filed dubious funds reports (August 30, 2007)
 Canon offers temp workers direct employment (August 30, 2007)
 Defense Ministry to rate local governments’ cooperation in implementing U.S. realignment plan (August 30, 2007)
 JCP Shii on new Abe cabinet and upcoming extraordinary Diet session (August 29, 2007)
 Iwakuni residents encourage mayor opposing U.S. military realignment (August 5, 29, 2007)
 Labor Ministry conducts 1st survey on ‘Net cafe refugees’ (August 29, 2007)
 Abe reshuffles cabinet without reflecting on popular verdict (August 28, 2007)
 JCP Ichida criticizes new Abe Cabinet (August 28, 2007)
 Cabinet lineup shows Abe is sticking to his same old policies (August 28, 2007)
 Abe’s Asia tour causes discord[Editorial] (August 27, 2007)
 Citizens hold a rally to eliminate poverty (August 27, 2007)
 Mothers’ Conference calls for Constitution to be defended (August 26 & 27, 2007)
 Japan has highest-ever income gap in 2004 (August 25, 2007)
 Shii meets with Lao Ambassador (August 25, 2007)
 Minister-wannabes in haste correct their political funds reports (August 24, 2007)
 Doubt remains over chief cabinet secretary’s records of office expenses double counting[Editorial] (August 24, 2007)
 Okinawans block U.S. helipads construction (August 24, 2007)
 Ogata holds talks with Grand National Party floor leader (August 24, 2007)
 Ogata talks with United New Democratic Party spokesman (August 24, 2007)
 Halt environmental assessment for new U.S. base construction in Okinawa[Editorial] (August 23, 2007)
 Local public service employees’ union calls for human rights-oriented livelihood protection assistance (August 23, 2007)
 U.S. Army Corps command relocation sparks protest of local residents (August 22, 2007)
 Ogata in Seoul talks with South Korean parliamentary committee chair on return of Korean cultural asset (August 22, 2007)
 Thoroughly investigate China Airlines jet accident[Editorial] (August 21, 2007)
 DPJ policy on extension of Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law draws attention (August 19, 2007)
 Take without delay drastic measures to deal with global warming[Editorial] (August 19, 2007)

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