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2016 November 9 - 15 TOP3 [JCP]

JCP seeks to expand its outreach to general public

November 13 & 15, 2016
The Japanese Communist Party’s local organizations across Japan on November 12 held speech gatherings with the aim of increasing citizens’ understanding of the party. JCP parliamentarians enthusiastically talked about how the JCP perceives Japan’s future course.

Traveling to Kagoshima Prefecture, the southernmost part of the Kyushu region, JCP Vice Chair Tamura Tomoko (House of Councilors) delivered a speech at an assembly titled, “Let’s talk about a future Japan with the JCP”, hosted by the JCP Kagoshima Prefectural Committee. More than 20% of the participants had no affiliation with the JCP.

Tamura clarified the JCP proposals, such as its long-standing demand for the creation of democratic rules in the pro-business economic structure. She also explained the JCP efforts to promote joint struggles between opposition parties and concerned citizens to put an end to the Abe government.

Then, Tamura told the participants her story about why she joined the JCP, and said, “I found a great life purpose working with others to create an ideal society.” She appealed to the audience to work together to change Japanese society for the betterment of all.

After the gathering, a 52-year-old woman decided to apply for JCP membership. The woman said, “I have been engaged in anti-nuclear power movements and other social movements for years. When listening to Tamura’s speech, I realized that my activities are connected with what the JCP proposes. I’m really satisfied with the JCP policy.”

In Akita City in the northern Tohoku region, JCP member of the House of Councilors Tatsumi Kotaro participated in a meeting held by the JCP Akita local committee. Tatsumi noted that large corporations like Dentsu and Kansai Electric Power Company are forcing their workers to work excessively long hours. “Japan is facing an abnormal situation which prevents workers’ demand to be able to work with dignity. With a major JCP advance in elections, let’s establish a government under which people can live with hope for a better future,” Tatsumi added.

In an event held in Fukui Prefecture, which faces the Sea of Japan, JCP member of the House of Representatives Fujino Yasufumi answered questions from the participants about the opposition parties’ collaboration.

Fujino said that the JCP is working to build a consensus among opposition parties concerning various political issues and foster further cooperation. He emphasized the importance of making the JCP stronger than it is now.

Receiving JCP Vice Chair Ichida Tadayoshi as a guest speaker, the JCP local organization in Kanagawa’s Kawasaki City held a speech meeting.

Ichida cited the results of the latest House of Councilors election and the development in joint efforts that opposition parties and citizens are making to foil the Abe government’s attempt to change the pacifist Constitution. “Walls which keep the JCP in isolation have collapsed,” Ichida pointed out. He went on to say, “The JCP has entered upon a new chapter in history where the party’s hard work will create the possibility of playing a role in a coalition government. Under this circumstance, as a JCP member, I’m really proud of applying my energy to JCP activities.”

After the meeting, a man in his 40s decided to join the JCP. He said, “The JCP vice chair explained in detail everything I wanted to know, including the issue of the Self-Defense Forces and cleared up my concerns.”
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