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2016 November 16 - 22 [LABOR]

Local Zenroren official is for 1st time appointed to Hokkaido labor relations commission

November 17, 2016
A representative of the Hokkaido Federation of Trade Unions or Do-roren, the prefectural body of the National Confederation of Trade Unions (Zenroren), has become a member of the local Labor Relations Commission. This is the first time since the founding of Do-roren that a member has been appointed to the Labor Relations Commission.

Hokkaido Governor Takahashi Harumi on November 15 held a press conference to announce that she appointed Do-roren’s vice president to be one of the members of the tripartite labor authority. The appointing of a delegate who is not affiliated with the Japanese Trade Union Confederation (Rengo) is the first time to happen since the 1989 labor front realignment.

Over the past 26 years, successive governors in Hokakido have appointed only Rengo-recommended nominees to the administrative labor organ which consists of labor experts, workers, and employers. The previous governors continued to exclude Dororen representatives from their choice options.

Opposing this practice, many unionized workers and concerned citizens, irrespective of their union affiliation, have demanded an end to such a biased appointment process in order to ensure the protection of democracy and the right to organize.

Following the governor’s announcement, Do-roren issued a statement, saying, “The organization will work even harder to activate the Labor Relations Commission so as to eliminate unfair labor practices and pursue healthy labor-management relations. It will continue its effort to defend fundamental human rights for all workers.”

Designated representative Akasaka Masanobu in expressing his determination said, “I myself have long been working in the medical and nursing-care field. For all workers, not only in the area of my expertise but also in all small companies in addition to every individual union worker, I will do my best in the commission to safeguard their rights.”

Labor Relations Commissions handle collective bargaining disputes involving labor unions, working mainly on administrative remedies in regard to unfair labor practices and on the adjustment of labor disputes.

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