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2017 March 8 - 14 [POLITICS]

JCP: Abdication option should not be limited to present Emperor

March 9, 2017
Representatives from all political parties in the Diet on March 8 attended a meeting on the Emperor’s abdication issue. The Japanese Communist Party said that the important point is to not block the way for future Emperors to step down.

The meeting was organized by the chairpersons and vice chairpersons of both Houses to discuss what kind of legislative measures should be taken to respond to the Emperor’s request for an abdication option. The gathering on that day was the third session for discussion. From the JCP, Secretariat Head Koike Akira and two other JCP lawmakers took part.

Koike said that currently the Emperor cannot retire no matter how old he may be, and that this situation goes against the Constitutional principle of respecting human dignity. The JCP lawmaker also said that the Emperor should be given an option to hand over his position to a successor.

The JCP secretariat head explained the party’s position that the most appropriate way to establish an abdication rule is to revise the Imperial Household Law. However, Koike suggested that the party might support other ways.

Koike noted that while proposing to create a special law allowing only the present Emperor to abdicate, the ruling Liberal Democratic Party says that the party does not deny the possibility of another abdication in the future. He stressed that regardless of what measures to take, it is important to not shut the door on future Emperors’ options for resignation.

Pointing out that the majority of the general public calls for legislation to enable the Emperor to retire from his position, Koike said that all political parties and groups in the Diet should conduct thorough discussions on this issue so that they can hammer out a measure reflecting public opinion.

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