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2017 June 21 - 27 [POLITICS]

Gov’t launches ad campaign giving rise to sense of crisis against N. Korea

June 23, 2017
In the run-up to the July 2 Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election, the Abe government on June 23 began an advertising campaign for evacuation measures against possible North Korea’s ballistic missile attacks with the aim of cultivating fear and a feeling of crisis among the general public.

The purpose of the ad campaign utilizing various channels, including five major commercial TV networks and 70 local and national dailies, is to inform the people that if a ballistic missile was launched by North Korea towards Japanese territory, people should evacuate to a safe place based on information from the J-alert nationwide instantaneous alarm system. However, the government’s overreaction to North Korean missile tests will only increase fear and a sense of crisis and may cause unnecessary confusion or even panic among the general public.

In the first place, it is unlikely that North Korea will launch ballistic missile attacks against Japan. The North since last year fired 35 missiles. However, the Japanese government used the J-alert system only once when a missile flew over Okinawa in February 2016. Even the government acknowledged that there is little possibility that North Korea’s missiles will target let alone reach Japan.

Nevertheless, the government conducted the ad drive calling for preparedness for a North Korean attack, which will create the impression that such an emergency may be imminent.

While the United States, South Korea, Russia and other countries concerned have expressed their intent to resume negotiations with North Korea, only Japan is showing a negative stance toward holding talks and instead seems to be favoring military options.

North Korea’s nuclear and missile development poses a threat to peace and stability in the region and is unacceptable. The fundamental solution to resolve the issue is to press the North to abandon its nuclear and missile development program through diplomatic negotiations.

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