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2017 November 1 - 7 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

NJWA lead women to actively participate in politics and society

November 5 & 6, 2017
The New Japan Women's Association (NJWA or Shinfujin) on November 5 closed its two-day national convention in Tokyo after adopting resolutions opposing the planned consumption tax hike to 10% and cuts in social welfare. The convention reelected Kasai Kimiyo president and Takasugi Shun secretary general.

Participating women in the convention resolved to further increase cooperation with more citizens and the opposition parties in the field of peace and to work to have a majority block any change in the peaceful spirit of Article 9.

During the convention, many women reported on their activities in their community, e.g. a free school-meal program as a result of successful public pressure in a municipality; efforts to attract more women by making use of Shinfujin newsletters; a peace exhibition organized by young women who participated in an antinuke international forum; a free medical service for children achieved after a 5-year struggle; the removal of dusty dirty sand from a park sandbox by a city government at the request of Shinfujin members; a monthly pot-luck dinner held to share complaints and problems with each other in order to discuss the possibility of creating a movement demanding social and economic justice.

All the participants confirmed that Shinfujin has been playing a role to raise women's awareness of politics and social issues through group activities in each community.

JCP Koike delivers speech

On the first day of the convention, Japanese Communist Party Secretariat Head Koike Akira gave a speech in greeting. He said, "Many Shinfujin members during the general election (Oct.22) campaign were engaged in fostering women's political participation and cooperation."

Koike noted that Shinfujin, since its founding in 1962, has been dedicating itself to "protect women and children from the threat of nuclear war" and that this longstanding movement contributed to bringing about the UN nuclear weapons ban treaty.

He expressed his expectation for Shinfujin's more active role by saying, " The role of Shinfujin is shining as it is always at the side of women, listening with open heart to their sufferings and problems, and working closely with each individual."

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