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2018 January 24 - 30 [POLITICS]

Protest campaign against Henoko base construction wins S. Korean Justice & Peace award

January 24, 2018
It has come to light that the anti-U.S. Heliport Council working in Okinawa’s Nago City received the South Korean Tji Haksoon Justice & Peace Award for its dedication to continuing its nonviolent campaign against the Henoko base construction.

The Tji Haksoon Justice & Peace Award has been presented annually from 1997 by the South Korea-based Bishop Tji Haksoon Justice & Peace Foundation to individuals and/or organizations dedicated to justice, peace, and human rights.

At a tent village set up at Henoko beach in Nago City for sit-in protests against the base construction, an award ceremony took place with representatives of the foundation participating.

Foundation Director Byeon Yeon Sik referred to the nonviolent resistance that the anti-U.S. Heliport Council has staged for more than 20 years, offering his respect and gratitude to the council’s hard work to protect Okinawa’s land, sea, and peace.

Another foundation representative, President Choi Ki Sik read out Chairman Kim Byung-Sang’s message. In the message, the foundation chairman noted Okinawa’s unified struggle between concerned citizens and anti-base activists, and expressed his solidarity with Okinawans’ fight filled with courage, passion, and justice.

Anti-U.S. Heliport Council co-head Ashitomi Hiroshi received the prize cup and medal. He said, “I’m really glad that Okinawans’ anti-base protest has gained international recognition. We, Okinawans, would like to emulate the South Korean people’s energy devoted to protecting democracy and do the same in our Henoko campaign. Let’s join hands together to remove U.S. military bases from both Japan and South Korea with the strength of people’s power.”

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