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2018 February 7 - 13 [POLITICS]

Possession of long-range cruise missiles is unconstitutional in Japan: JCP Miyamoto

February 8, 2018
Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Representatives Miyamoto Toru at a House Budget Committee meeting on February 7 criticized the Abe government for seeking to introduce the long-distance cruise missile system in Japan by ignoring the conventional government view.

If the new system is adopted, Japan for the first time in its postwar history will have the capability to attack perceived enemy bases. However, the government has throughout the postwar era maintained the position that "the possession of weapons which could pose an aggressive threat" to other countries "contradicts the principle of the Constitution".

Miyamoto said, "The missiles in question can reach Russia and China. To possess such weapons contravenes the established government position."

Defense Minister Onodera Itsunori in response said, "We are no way intending to have our country armed with offensive capabilities."

In March last year, however, Onodera proposed that the government deploy cruise missiles in order to possess the capability to attack enemy bases.

Pointing to this fact, Miyamoto said, "After that, you became a Cabinet minister, and now you say that a cruise missile system 'isn't to attack enemies'. Your argument is full of wholes."

He also said, "For Japan, to have long-range cruise missiles is a clear violation of the Constitution, and will only increase military tensions in the region and lead to a vicious cycle of arms expansion." The JCP representative demanded that the government stop its move to obtain weapons that could constitute a menace to other nations.

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