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2018 June 6 - 12 [POLITICS]

Abe gov't with ground-based Aegis deployment adds to tension

June 9, 2018

The Abe government has been promoting the strengthening of the ballistic missile defense (BMD) system in Japan which, it says, is in order to be able to respond to any possible North Korean missile attacks. The BMD budget totals more than two trillion yen.

However, it is the Defense Ministry itself which states in its internal document that it would be particularly difficult to intercept ballistic missiles. This DM document, dated December 6, 2017, was submitted to Japanese Communist Party lawmaker Kokuta Keiji following his request.

Now that the move toward a peaceful settlement of the North Korea issue through dialogue is back on track, the Abe government's policy of rushing to boost the BMD system is simply provocative.

In the analysis, the Defense Ministry admits that the BMD has its limits. Nevertheless, the Abe regime is pushing ahead with the introduction of Aegis Ashore, a land-based missile interceptor system. It is obvious that Prime Minister Abe has given in to demands by U.S. President Trump for Japan to purchase more U.S.-made military weapons systems, including the Aegis Ashore system.

The need is for PM Abe to make diplomatic efforts to advance the peace process now ongoing on the Korean Peninsula. Upgrading the readiness for a North Korean missile launch only helps increase tensions in the region.

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