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2016 January 13 - 19 [LABOR]

Victims of 1954 US H-bomb test will apply for seamen’s compensation

January 13, 2016
Former seamen who developed cancer after being exposed to radiation due to an H-bomb test explosion the U.S. conducted at Bikini Atoll in the Pacific in 1954 will apply for mariners’ work-related compensation.

A group working to support ex-crewmembers affected by the nuclear test 62 years ago held a press conference on January 11 in Kochi City in Kochi. The group announced that about 10 former seamen and bereaved families in Kochi will submit applications for payments from the mariners’ insurance, demanding that the seamen’s accident compensation be applied as well.

Kikima Hajime is a doctor and a co-leader of this group. He once took the initiative in helping former crewmembers of Daigo Fukuryu Maru (Fifth Lucky Dragon), a tuna fishing boat whose homeport was in Yaizu City in Shizuoka, to become eligible for the workmen’s compensation. Those on board Daigo Fukuryu Maru were showered with radioactive fallout from the U.S. nuclear test explosion.

Kikima said, “Other than Daigo Fukuryu Maru, the former fishermen in Kochi will be the first beneficiaries if the seamen’s insurance covers their cases. I will work even harder to help them obtain their rights.”

An 83-year-old former seaman, Kuwano Hiroshi, in Muroto City in Kochi suffered from stomach cancer 12 years ago. He said, “Not only for myself but for other crewmembers, I’m going to apply for the compensation.”

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