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2016 April 27 - May 10 [SOCIAL ISSUES]

JCP Ikeuchi calls for enactment of law to protect LGBT human rights

May 8 & 9, 2016
Japanese Communist Party member of the House of Representatives Ikeuchi Saori at a symposium held on May 7 in Tokyo regarding the issues affecting LGBTs said, “In cooperation with other political parties, I will work to make a solid legal framework to prohibit discrimination against sexual minorities.”

Along with panelist Ikeuchi, foreign lawmakers participating in a cross-party parliamentary group on global LGBT rights and experts in LGBT issues were present at the symposium which was hosted by international NGO Human Rights Watch.

Ikeuchi expressed her determination to create a law to protect LGBT human rights by stating, “The enactment of a specific law is absolutely necessary in Japan to ensure diverse sexuality and diverse ways of life based on fundamental human rights.”

Boris Dittrich, who advocates for LGBT rights at Human Rights Watch, called for the need for legislative measures while referring to the fact that Japanese schools have been leaving bullying towards LGBT children as it is.

A researcher versed in relevant laws abroad talked about the Equality Act in the U.K. which bans any discrimination and harassment against persons of any sexual orientation anywhere in the country, such as at workplaces, schools, and public organizations.

* * *

Ikeuchi and Yamazoe Taku, a candidate for the Tokyo constituency in the summer national election, on May 8 marched in the annual gay pride parade. Tokyo Rainbow Pride 2016 took place on May 7 and 8 in Yoyogi Park with about 70,000 people participating.

* * *

A survey of LGBT youth conducted by Human Rights Watch shows that 86% of respondents aged 25 and younger had experienced being used or hearing abusive, negative words from school teachers or students. Of the 86%, 60% answered that teachers did nothing to intervene in their behalf. In fact, 18% said that teachers even joined in the abuse.

The survey results indicate the necessity to educate teaching staff in addition to implementing adequate legal measures.

Kyle Knigh, an LGBT rights researcher at Human Rights Watch, at a press conference on May 6 said that there is no textbook or lesson about LGBT issues in Japan. He also said he has heard from many LGBT children who said that teachers themselves make anti-gay remarks or homophobic jokes.

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